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“Iman Lalji designed my kitchen, living room, study, and dining area in my home in Edmonton with outstanding results! She began by understanding my goals for the renovations, developing a realistic budget and potential return on investment in furniture and renos. She took the time to understand my ideas and overall renovation plan, then added her own immaculate tastes to provide detailed guidance about the right choices of furniture, floor covering, paint colours, cabinets, etc. Her distinctive strength was her ability to integrate my general vision, the “look” suitable for the space, budget, and local furniture options. Her work was detailed and practical, helping with specific furniture choices, and negotiating directly with commercial vendors for best value. She was friendly and a pleasure to work with, listening to my ideas while providing critical and professional feedback. A very positive experience with excellent results.”

— Michael H.

“I hired Iman to get our family home in Edmonton ready for my sister’s wedding. She went the extra mile to find pieces that fit our specific requirements and transformed the look of our home in a short amount of time. We could not be happier with her work.  Not only did our wedding guests love the new look of our home, she also increased its market value. She is affordable, has impeccable taste and is easy to work with. I look forward to our next project together!”

— Sarah S.

“Iman is a designer that knows what she wants for a specific space. Listen to her from beginning to end and you will not be disappointed. It can sometimes be difficult to leave your home/budget in the hands of a designer, however; now I know that’s the difference between a professional and an amateur. She is very invested in the work and is willing to work & finish the project in a short amount of time. We love our condo and guests love it even more! I’d recommend her to anyone.”

— Justine L.

“Iman’s incredibly talented. I flip houses for a living and have used the services of several designers before and she is by far the best. Her design expertise and advice allowed me to make the right selection of which elements would be the most effective to achieve the highest return on investment. I would highly recommend her but would hate for her to get too busy for my next project.”

— Lloyd N.

“Iman helped us to design the construction of our home from conception. She was involved in every meticulous detail. She was thorough, organized and extremely helpful. Her vast knowledge about real estate helped us to make the best decisions for our home. She was also involved in furnishing our home. We love our new home thanks to Iman and couldn’t have done it without her!”

— Rahima G.

“Working with Iman was a pleasure. I appreciated having someone to develop my design ideas, and a sounding board to bounce ideas off of. Her use of WhatsApp was great for me as a busy medical student, as it allowed me to continue my project whilst on the go. Buying items and staying on theme was as easy as taking an in app picture and getting an approval message, and her use of remote consulting allowed me to set my own schedule for selecting furnishings and interior design details. Iman is a professional and talented designer, and I would gladly recommend her to my friends.”

— Eniola S.

“I was lucky enough to get refereed to Iman by my sister. Although, Iman was working in a different time zone, we relied on technology to communicate and send pictures and videos back and forth. I really appreciated how prompt she was and how easy to contact. If we had an issue to talk about, it was resolved quickly and efficiently. I was new to the process and her experience really guided me through every process from contractor selection to material selection. She was invaluable to the whole project and I could not imagine doing it without her!”

— Zack S.

“Working with Iman was a pleasure. She is motivational, inspirational and immensely passionate about design. She was focused, flexible in her time and easy to work with. Unlike other designers that are too opinionated, Iman enabled me to express my own sense of style with encouraging guidelines. She was extremely patient and always willing to go the distance in finding the right product and/or colour. I am so thrilled with my new kitchen and bathrooms. Thanks Iman for helping me bring my long-time dream to fruition!”

— Shelina S.

“I consulted Iman to give me an expert opinion regarding my my renovation project. She came with wealth of knowledge and gave me a game plan of about everything potentially adding value to every single inch of available space . I found her very up to date with the new market trends. If you decide to hire her, you will be in good hands.”

— Waheed A.

“We really enjoyed working with Iman to do the design our new house. She was thorough, knowledgeable, prompt, creative and worked hard to find savings. We are very happy with the final product”

— Zahra M.

“I wanted a feature dining set to bring the room together and Iman was invaluable in making this happen. She provided practical and stylish recommendations on design and a great deal on a custom build that allowed me to get exactly what I envisioned at a reasonable price. Thanks Iman!”

— Andrew B.

“I hired Iman to redesign my one bedroom condo. From the beginning Iman was great. She listened to my wants and concerns and tried to incorporate them into her design. When looking for and choosing specific items, Iman was practical but creative and worked hard to stay within my budget without compromising quality. One of Iman’s best qualities, is that she was always available to give her opinion and help make decisions. Overall it was a good experience and I’m definitely very happy with the way the new place looks! Thanks for everything!”

— Farhana H.